You are valued by those whom you value  

  You can be partners with someone you respect

Mutual respect and a concern for each other is what make human relationships enduring. It is in this way that partners and colleagues assume importance in one another’s eyes. This is the moral of every D&T training session.

Attitude brings credibility

  Method bring awareness and security

Every company has a unique inner strength - the source of its culture and mission. The starting point for our co-operation is your culture and mission. It must be your colleagues who control the methods and not the methods that control them; it is in this way that the D&T trainer supports your team.

Your character is your own; your behaviour is our focus

  Solutions instead of problems

We are trainers who give advice and advisers who train. Our duty is to solve problems when we see them. We prepare thoroughly and give training suited to your particular circumstances. We do this in the context of a long term relationship.

Colleagues instead of subordinates

  Enthusiasm creates enthusiasm

One keystone of a company’s success is a highly motivated, well qualified experts who are able to work independently. D&T raises consciousness about the following areas:

  • responsible behaviour

  • loyalty to the company leadership

  • Identification with company aims and individual tasks.

See the intentions of others;

  Demand results from yourself.

Participants are constantly active throughout our training and obtain a perspective on their everyday habits and behaviour. They recognise the effects of their behaviour and get to know how they can improve themselves. D&T makes them more successful. This is how the D&T trainer guides your colleagues along the path to achievement. We give them the power of choice; our aim is to open their eyes to possibilities—to awaken, not put to sleep.

To convince, not to conquer

  Persuasion is a two-way street

Side by side with professional knowledge, human values are gaining ever-increasing recognition—in management and sales alike. We work towards your colleagues being convinced, rather than persuaded, about achieving organisational targets.

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