• Leadership skills and methods development

    • Target group: new or potential leaders.

    • Result: knowledge of leadership methods and being able to use them in practice.

  • Leadership skills development

    • Target group: experienced managers.

    • Results: deeper, refreshed knowledge and skills development in concrete leadership problems and conflicts.

  • Steering colleagues with independent scope and responsibilities

    • Target group: leaders who have colleagues who work with their own scopes d responsibilities.

    • Result: steering and supervision or the entire work process.

  • Developing leaders who act as employers

    • Target group: leaders who are in the position of employer.

    • Results: to know and practice the methods necessary for this position.

  • Developing skills and solutions for a concrete situation

    • Target group: experienced managers.

    • Results: understanding the unique situation, developing solutions to it. practicing solving it.

  • Individual skills development

    • Target group: senior managers.

    • Result: to work through the leaders real situation and develop effective solutions and practices.


  • Sales skills development

    • Target group: new sales colleagues. Or colleagues starting their sales career again.

    • Result: knowledge of sales methods and being able to use them in practice.

  • Sales skills development

    • Target group: experiences sales colleagues who have participated in sales skills development course.

    • Result: depend and refreshing sales skills.

  • Skills development for concrete sales situations

    • Target group: Experienced sales colleagues.

    • Result: too understand the situation and practice solving problems in that area (E.g. Telesales, Price communication, Recommendations).

  • Key Account Management skills development

    • Target group: Key Account Managers.

    • Result: handling large accounts successfully.


  • Rhetoric skills development

    • Result: presentation skills improvement.

  • Dialectic skills development

    • Result improvement of general negotiation skills.

  • Individual skills development

    • Result: development of unique skills or skills needed in special situations.

  • Media training

    • Result: preparation for media appearances. Concise communication.

  • Handling conflicts

    • Result. Solving real organisation conflicts and developing skills to do this.


Target group. Project managers, managers and consultants.

Result: improving the efficiency and organisational meeting culture.


Target group: buyers.

Result. :

  • To improve procurement effectiveness and even out the risk of differing levels of sales colleagues abilities.

  • To get and choose the best offer.

Approved trainings

A trainings approved by Pest County:


Leadership methods training

Registered number:      E-001664/2017/D001

Duration:                          4 days

Registration date:          2017.08.31.

Validity:                            2022.12.31

Sales methods training

Registered number:      E-001664/2017/D002

Duration:                          4 nap

Registration date:          2018.04.23.

Validity:                            2022.12.31



  • to learn and adopt communication practices for organisational systems and protocols,

  • leadership and sales method development,

  • to strengthen conscious behaviour and communication,

  • to increase participants ability to win partners,

  • to transfer methods and attitudes that make participants work more effective, and

  • to make organisations and leaders more efficient.

Training methodology

Know how transfer through roleplays and exercises followers by individual feedback and recommendations.

To promote approaches and methods, throughout knowhow, based on winning partners in the interest of effective, personal communication.

In order that participants can implement methods and approaches in their real work environment, we tailor the roleplays to model their everyday work situations and challenges.


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