Know How

The know –how covers:

  • communication within hierarchies

  • business communication

  • communication in the public domain.


Demmler & Tóth Consulting and Training Ltd. was created in 1995. (In the group, Demmler and Partner Ltd. was established in 1991 and the international branch, Demmler International Ltd. in 2011.)


The basis for our work is our know-how originating from Fūrung und Absatz AG in Switzerland. We continually develop it to meet market needs based on our experience and active cooperation. The know-how is owned by Demmler and Tóth Kft.


The Demmler and Tóth know-how is now widely recognised and respected on the market for contributing to a development in goal orientated, motivational leadership as well as partner based, convincing business communication.

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Opening Hours:

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