In our workshops

  • Develop sales and management support systems,

  • Moderate organisational conflicts and challenges,

  • Develop leaders.

Our guiding principle is to develop organisational systems that are transparent, effective and fit for further development. They are tailored to partners individual situations and requirements and are built based on the knowledge of your colleagues along with our organisational development know how and experience.


Unified steering system (jetro) development and implementation

To develop supervision and steering for all work activities:

  • To structure the complete scope and responsibility for leadership activities,

  • Establish communication protocols and training them in,

  • To develop a control mechanism.




Production coaching system development and implementation

Developing a coaching system based on mentoring in a production environment.



Developing leaders based on observing their on the job performance and, giving feedback on it and developing strategies and plans to improve.

  • Individual development

  • Establishing scooped and responsibility based steering systems

  • Improving time management and organisational skills

  • Identifying development plans for direct reports


Personal leadership development

Analysing the organisational status and developing a strategy to meet strategic targets.


Workshop moderation

Structuring organisational challenges and moderating their solution development.


Conflict moderation.

Identifying root causes of conflicts and moderating solutions.


Recruitment support

Profiling, managing interviews, on boarding processes and timelines.


Developing sales support materials

Creating tables and documentation that support effective sales (training in and negotiations).

  • Exploring the situation: identifying the information needed for a tailor made offer for different customer types and situations.

  • Argumentation: support material for specific products/services and the organisation itself.

  • Handling objections: the most important answers.


Coaching system development and implementation

A structured sales activity supervision and development system.

  • System

  • Preparation

  • Coaching

  • Feedback

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