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Demmler & Tóth

Demmler & Tóth Ltd.
  Control  System  Communication

Powerful tools for organisational steering and communication

Communication toolkit, structured methodology, positive attitude and above all system .

In order for the acquired knowledge and the determined change to be lasting.

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JETRO SuperView Software

The system of the actual management of the company, for transparent and motivating management.

Clear powers, responsibilities and activities:

  • Design and Goals

  • Evaluation

  • Supervision

Vállalati hierarchia, irányítás, rendszer, üzleti élet


Observational development, feedback on how management operates now, based on this, developing action plans.

  • Individual development 

  • Development of a system of competence-responisbility

  • Development of work organization and time management 

  • Process control 

Business process management with workflo


Sales methodology and skills development  

  • Skill development selected for a specific sales situations 

  • Key Account Management skill development 

  • Coaching

  • Sales background materials

    • Exploring the situation

    • Argumentation

    • Handling objections

sale volume increase make business grow,


JETRO VisualProcess System

With precise and detailed regulations, those responsible always know what, when and to whom they must hand over.

A precisely regulated operation makes supervision, learning, and audits more successful!

  • Design

  • Regulation

  • Optimization

Business process and workflow automation


We work to transfer know-how through role-plays, feedback and recommendations.

  • Leadership

  • Sales 

  • Moderation 

  • Conflict resolution

  • General communication 

  • Procurement

Modern loft office workplace with wooden


Coaching is a form of support that helps you formulate and realize your goals, develop your personal skills and self-confidence!

  • Individual Coaching

  • Solution building

  • Team coaching - Solution Circle

  • Group coaching

Coach motivate to personal development, success and career growth from the beginning..jpg
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Who are we?

Who are we?


könyv, történet, history, bemutatkozás, könyvtár, mese

Since 1991 we have been working in organizational development and training.

At the beginning more management and sales trainings, in time, we developed systems that ensured the long-term use of the skills and knowledge that participants learn through training courses.

The most important systems we implement are: coaching systems, scope and responsibility steering systems, JETRO management system and, more recently apps to help sales organisations, communicate more effectively.

Hierarchy, command chain, hierarchia, szervezet fejlesztés, folyamatszabályozás

Our fundamental ambition is to make the knowledge and best practices in the organization even better. To help us and our clients achieve this, we have developed steering systems. 

We support the whole management with cloud-based specialised software.



Our activity was initially based on the know-how of  F&A AG, Switzerland. The know-how has since been significantly developed and tailored to meet the needs of the modern market and organisation.

We continuously develop, expand and deepen know-how according to market needs based on our experience in 4 languages in more than 10 countries.

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Organizational development


konferencia terem, képzés, oktatás, meeting, szoba

The content is customized with the help of a pre-training situation assessment to make the training realistic and effective for the participants.

After introducing methods, we help participants to learn to use them via roleplays.

We feedback from participants and the trainer to support the learning process.

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