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Every day operation always throws up issues that take huge amounts of energy and attention away from our focus on strategy. They can be opportunities, threats or just individual problems.


Jetro keeps the organisation focused on long term success while minimising energy lost on adhoc disturbances. It also keeps the organisation focused on it’s common goals and helps avoid pulling in different directions.


A vision of myself

What we want to be: size, operation, product, revenue.

Top-down: owner-management-department-outside world


Our operating principles, our values that guide the entire organization.

A guide for every colleague to make independent decisions.


My mission

What we can do for the world-  our customers- is to realize our vision.

Operational objectives

... to achieve all this.

Often, instead of planning, we just dream. 
The path to great things is paved with details and complex interdependencies. Based on data and analysis.

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