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Process control

Precisely documented processes are almost only found in in manufacturing and even here there are often significant differences between practices and processes.

We often don’t pay enough attention to having things under control in our everyday operation and communication. The cost can be high. When a process is well controlled and documented, participants know exactly what to deliver, when and to whom.


Doing something new or handling a big change in how we do something means we need to rethink how things should be in the future. 


A well designed process makes life easier and our work more efficient.


If the process is well controlled then its easy to identify what to leave out or develop.


It makes work faster and simpler.


A process is well controlled when we know: who is responsible, who is involved and which inputs and outputs there are for every step withing the process.

If all of these points are clear, the process becomes easy to manage, quick to learn and simpler to audit.


If the process participants don’t understand exactly what the steps of the process are, writing them down won’t help. 

Processes should be documented so they should be available and visible to the process participants.

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