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Project identifier: 2020-1.1.1-KKV-START-2021-00390


Project title:




The aim of this project is to develop a new software-supported standard model for organisational development, which includes the following elements: 

  • A uniform and well thought-out system of job roles and responsibilities in the company

  • Grading system 

  • Process development, record keeping

  • Corporate compliance support and audit

  • Support and documentation of the organisation's sales network

  • The software enables a single person to manage and control the entire organisation of the enterprise/organisation (whether public or not-for-profit e.g. church), the managers and the processes within the organisation

  • Suitable for international expansion with at least two languages and a full user manual (English German)

Such a system does not currently exist in Hungary or in any other country. None of the software on the market has even half of the above modules and functions. Many companies have proprietary systems, but they mostly contain only one of the above. Some companies develop grade systems, others provide compliance consulting, others swear by process improvement, while the HR staff of a given company tries to sort out job roles and responsibilities, for which there is also custom software in the over 10 M Ft. category. Our company has been developing organisations since 2006, but not along standard models, but for each of our contracted partners, we develop each one individually according to the needs and specificities of the contracted party. In recent years, two types of development needs have emerged: on the one hand, the extension of our system with several elements (process improvement, building a grade system - a system of comparative scoring of jobs, a corporate compliance system, a discharge system). On the other hand, to make it available and applicable not only to companies which, because of their profit level and size, can afford to pay a licence fee of several tens of millions of HUF, but also to make it available and affordable for smaller companies, and to make it available to organisations which "produce" values other than financial results, e.g. church organisations, local authorities, etc.

Project start date: 15.10.2021.
Planned completion: 14.10.2023.

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