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About us

Together, effectively.

Since 1991, we have seen a variety of company types and organizational problems. The broad level of expertise needed to solve them is delivered by industry specialists.

Each of us has our own specialist field but working together we can be stronger. To support this, we spend at least 20 days a year developing our own skills and knowledge as a team.

Our community

Our main activities are organizational development consultancy, the establishment of management systems, as well as management, sales and general communication training.

Demmler & Tóth Consulting & Training Ltd. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Walter Demmler and Tamás Tóth. (Demmler & Co. Ltd. 1991 and Demmler International Ltd. 2011.)

Tóth Tamás, Demmler Walter
Dr. Walter Demmler and Tamás Tóth

Our program is based in F & A Führung und Absatz AG. adapted, improved and expanded for other markets. Our consultancy and training portfolio consists of more than 100 different modules. The solutions we provide our clients depends on their individual situation and requirements and we place an emphasis on preparation and tailoring.

Our goal is to create a collaborative organization, manage it with digital support, increase the efficiency of the managers, salespeople and organisation. In our trainings and consultation, we develop complex approach and communication skill set, providing approaches and methods for successful daily operation. We spend at least 20 days a year developing our own knowledge and operations, and in addition to our software, we support the management and sales work of our partners with apps.

Our business is based on trust, our customers stay with us for a long time. We have been working with several of our clients since the early 1990s.

Our partners are SMEs and multinationals in commercial, manufacturing and service industries. In addition to Hungarian, we also work in German, English and Russian, in Hungary and Europe.

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