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Communication tool kit


Preparation and meeting resources


Understanding, cooperation and using power positively



Toolkit for managing employees.

Task and independence.

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  • Fundamental management behaviors

  • Rhetoric / Structured argumentation

  • Motivation

  • Delegation

  • Control

  • Praise

  • Criticism

  • Meetings


To source what's best.

Not just buy whatever the best salesperson wants to sell.

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  • Elements of personal impact

  • Steering

  • Getting information

  • Identifying problems

  • Price bargaining

  • Agreements


Working together well, brings people closer, boring meetings create tension.

Preparation and delivery tool kit for meetings and projects.

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  • Preparation

  • Organizational issues

  • Moderation techniques

  • Exercises


Personal and telephone communication.

Making personalised offers and managing customers based on a real understanding of their situation and needs.

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  • Personal impact

  • Negotiation

  • Exploring the situation

  • Benefit argumentation

  • Handling objections

  • Price

  • First contact by phone (cold calling)

Conflict resolution

Solving problems positively, clearly and with structure.

Effectively, without a fight.

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  • Specific conflicts from corporate life

  • Background knowledge to understand relationships

  • Practice real-world situations with video analysis

  • Feedback and structures that help solve problems

General communication

Convincing people in presentations and discussions.

Skills development for managers, salespeople, public figures.

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  • Convincing

  • Rhetoric

  • Negotiation management

  • Stand points

  • Debates

  • Scholastic dispute

  • Personalized exercises

Whether in management or sales: the learned skills are only useful when we feel its in our interest to work with them and the management and environment around us helps to keep the new skills and approaches at the forefront of our minds. 

We give systems together with the learned skills that help development continue in the long term.

100+ training elements compiled as needed.

Objective feedback and recommendations for development for each exercise, supported by a literature background!

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